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This is a website dedicated solely on the different shades of jazz, from it's history to newest jazz. From Jazz legends, famous records, Jazz Jam Sessions and performances, kicking hot spots and jazz clubs. In Kansas City and the rest of the world. You will find here interesting and useful information straight from the source itself, made by and for true jazz lovin' fans and jazz connoisseurs.

KC Jazz is located in one of the cradles of Jazz at we know our website is situated in the historic Kansas City Jazz Scene, where some of the Jazz ambassadors and gods first got started, and let's no forget about the Kansas City Style, and the subsequent appearance of improvisation to the scene. You can say that one of the many contributions that Kansas City made to Jazz was add it the excitement and the creativity of improvising. Hard-swinging, bluesy transition style driven forward by luminaries such as Count Basie, Charlie Parker and Claude Williams. The KC flavor added new once unknown possibilities to the art form and outside artists, once they had experienced what it was like on the Kansas City Jazz scene, would have their view on the music influenced forever. Most of the jazz musicians got caught up in the friendly musical competitions among performers that could keep a single song being performed in variations for an entire night.

Often members of the big bands would perform at regular venues earlier in the evening and go to the jazz clubs later to jam for the rest of the night.

While New Orleans was the birthplace of jazz, it grew up and got exciting in Kansas City.

KC Jazz keeps the Kansas City Jazz vibrant spirit alive.